Managed WordPress Services for ongoing MAINTENANCE for your WordPress website on ANY web host.
Our Managed WordPress Services monthly subscription can handle all of the ongoing Maintenance & Security for your WordPress website, freeing you up to focus on more important things like running your business. We even throw in Free Hosting if you need that too!


With our Managed WordPress Services we perform regular MAINTENANCE on your website by keeping the WordPress platform and all Plugins and Themes up-to-date as needed, plus we pull daily off-site backups of your entire website as we go, saving you lots of time and keeping your website secure and working properly!


We offer special case-by-case WordPress Support by the hour at our normal rate (1 hour minimum) for when your website needs attention. We provide excellent SUPPORT for you and your WordPress website via phone and email. If something isn’t working or doesn’t look right we’ll fix it for you right away (based on current time constraints).


Our Managed WordPress Services include Maintaining your WordPress website on any web host you choose, plus we also throw in FREE HOSTING if you choose to host with us!

Subscription Details

  • subscription plan details

  • Sign up now or call 720-420-6030
  • We can offer our Maintenance & Support services on top of any Web Host, so you can keep your current Web Host.Use ANY Web Host you want or use our FREE hosting!
  • Extremely important to keep your website secure and working properly.***MAINTENANCE***
  • Extremely important to keep your website secure and working properly.Ongoing WordPress Core Updates
  • Extremely important to keep your website secure and working properly.Ongoing Theme Updates
  • Extremely important to keep your website secure and working properly.Ongoing Plugin Updates
  • Daily offsite full website backups including themes, plugins, widgets, pages/posts, comments, media, WordPress database (configurations) all stored offsite at Amazon S3, with website restore from backup available.Daily Offsite Backups
  • Max # Backups Stored
  • Preventive security measures plus allotted amount of Security support If the unexpected should happen.Website Security
  • If something isn’t working or doesn’t look right we’ll fix it for you. We'll troubleshoot & fix plugin conflicts, fix CSS/theme issues, etc.***SUPPORT***
    (charged separately by the hour)
  • We'll troubleshoot plugin conflicts after plugin upgrades or caused by adding new plugins.Troubleshoot Plugin Conflicts
  • We'll troubleshoot CSS issues related to plugin upgrades or caused by adding new plugins.Troubleshoot CSS Issues
  • Keep your existing Web Host, or optionally we can Host your WordPress website at no additional cost with our FREE hosting.***HOSTING***
  • Our FREE hosting is totally optional. You can use almost any Web Host that you want and still take advantage of our Maintenance/Support, etc.FREE Website Hosting
  • Hosting Storage
  • By request we'll Install nearly any plugin or theme you need almost immediately...just ask.Install Plugins/Themes Yourself
  • Forward email using your domain name (allows you to send/receive email from your preferred email provider using your domain name).Email Forwards
  • Our FREE hosting is totally optional. If you choose to Host with us then we can migrate your website to our servers. For migrating away from us we provide to you a full website backup zip file ready for you to install on your new web host when needed.Website Migration
    (charged separately by the hour)
  • Read about our Satisfaction Guarantee.Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ***EXTRAS***
  • Access to library of 150+ Premium Themes from Studio Press (Genesis), WooThemes (includes ongoing updates).FREE Premium Themes & Updates ($1,000 value)
  • Access to valuable library of dozens of Commercial Plugins worth $,$$$ (includes ongoing updates).FREE Commercial Plugins & Updates ($2,500 value!)
  • On request we'll notify you in advance of any planned temporary site interruptions due to website maintenance updates.Advanced Update Notifications
  • +$10/month for WordPress Multisite, with no limit to sub-sites (blogs) other than storage limit. Additional setup costs may apply.Multisite Capable
  • Optional 1 year FREE domain registration (requires 1 year prepaid plan).FREE Domain Name with Annual Plan
  • Requires Dedicated IP address. Additional annual costs apply for Dedicated IP and SSL Certificate with installation (requires 1 year prepaid plan).SSL (https) Available
  • As an extra option we can audit your website with our Website Evaluation Service and make recommendations for proper website architecture, the best plugins & themes to use for what you need, SEO, and how to best layout/architect your site.Website Evaluations (website audit) available
  • Live WordPress Training on your website. Group training available via Plus we'll make regular WordPress & Marketing best practices recommendations to help you set & achieve your web design & marketing goals (charged separately by the hour).Expert WordPress Training & Advice
    (charged separately by the hour)

  • $150

    per month

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 3
  • Security mitigation based on level of Support for this plan.yes
  • All support charged separately by the hour at current rate (1 hour minimum).Phone & Email Support
  • All support charged separately by the hour at current rate (1 hour minimum).yes
  • All support charged separately by the hour at current rate (1 hour minimum).yes
  • Keep your existing Web Host, or optionally we can Host your WordPress website at no additional cost with our FREE hosting.yes
  • Dedicated WordPress Installation.Dedicated WordPress Hosting
  • 20GB Storage (2048MB)
  • Trusted 'expert' users will be allowed to install their own plugins & themes.yes
  • Applies if we host your website and manage your domain at our domain registrar.yes
  • Bring your site to us, and take your site with you when you leave, all included.yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Limited to plugins we have the Developer license for.yes
  • Available on request at slight up charge.yes
  • +$10/month for WordPress Multisite. Total page count for all combined sites applies. Additional setup costs may apply.yes
  • Requires 1 year prepaid plan.yes
  • Requires 1 year prepaid plan and additional cost.yes
  • Charged separately as 1 time fee.yes
  • Live WordPress Training arranged & charged separately per hour. group training at normal cost.yes
  • 1 website included, 40% Multiple Site Discount applies for each additional site.
  • No limit on pages/posts per website.
  • Add $6/month per additional GB storage for larger sites.
  • No contracts…month-to-month until canceled.



SiteSubscribe Managed WordPress Services includes MAINTAINING your website.
As part of SiteSubscribe's Managed WordPress Hosting we'll MAINTAIN your website with our WordPress Website Maintenance Service by keeping the WordPress 'core' platform and all Plugins and Themes up-to-date on just about a daily basis (as needed)...this will save you tons of time and hassles and keep your website secure and working properly!
We Handle All Upgrades
We perform all of the needed WordPress Core upgrades, Plugin updates, & Theme updates for you. We even look at what plugins need updating and what the changes are in the plugins before we do any updates.
Server & WordPress Security
We’ll manage security for your website with various layers of security measures at the WordPress and server levels as if we were your very own in-house 'Webmaster'. We install and configure server scripts, WordPress plugins, and other security measures to keep your website from being hacked.
Regular Maintenance
We’ll MAINTAIN your website just about DAILY with our WordPress Website Maintenance Service so everything is always up-to-date.
Daily Offsite Backups
We back up your entire website daily to an offsite location for redundancy and peace of mind, knowing we can restore your site to a former state if anything ever goes wrong.
We Backup Everything
Backups include everything in your website:
  • themes
  • plugins
  • widgets
  • content
  • media uploads
  • comments
  • settings & configurations
  • WordPress database


WordPress SUPPORT available for you and your website.
Personalized WordPress Technical Support
We'll Support your WordPress website with Personalized WordPress Technical Support Services.
Reach Us 24/7
Reach us 24/7 by Web Form or Email. We'll usually respond within a few minutes, or sometimes within a few hours. Never days.
Support Request
We'll Fix Anything
We'll fix almost anything up to the alloted time within your subscription plan:
  • layout issues
  • plugin conflicts
  • theme issues
  • security issues
  • whatever
Quick Fixes
Most support issues are resolved within a few short hours (based on current time constraints).


SiteSubscribe Managed WordPress Hosting includes HOSTING & Maintaining your WordPress website.
Our Managed WordPress Services include Maintaining your WordPress website on any web host you choose, plus we also throw in FREE HOSTING if you choose to host with us!
Free Commercial Plugins
We give you FREE access to dozens of Commercial Plugins (worth ~$2,500+) and access to hundreds of free plugins.
Free Plugins
We Install Stuff for You
By request we'll install plugins and themes for you.
Free Premium Themes
We give you FREE access to hundreds of Premium Themes.
Free Themes
Secure Servers
We Host your WordPress website under Managed WordPress Hosting on our Secure Servers.
Commercial Premium WordPress Plugins Included FREE

Over $2,500+ worth of Commercial WordPress Plugins available FREE plus ongoing updates provided with all of our Managed WordPress Services!

We offer dozens of Commercial/Premium WordPress Plugins available and included FREE with all Managed WordPress Plans including Gravity Forms, BackupBuddy, WooCommerce Extensions, SlideDeck2, Genesis Extender, Premise Landing Pages, and WooSlider, just to name a few, with more constantly being added!

Plus hundreds of Premium Themes included FREE with ongoing updates provided with all Managed WordPress Plans!

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or You Don’t Pay!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed


» backs our work with an industry leading Satisfaction Guarantee!

With SiteSubscribe, if you aren’t happy with the work that we do for you, you don’t pay…it’s that simple!

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people giving several hundred dollars deposit to a web developer or web designer, and then not getting what they asked for or what they expected. This is obviously very frustrating and costly in regards to both time and money.

Few businesses can afford to those kind of costly mistakes. The way to avoid those kinds of mistakes is to select the right web designer and web hosting company right from the beginning, or at least as soon as possible.

SiteSubscribe is very professional and personable in how we deal with our clients. By gathering and documenting all of our clients requirements we’re careful to find out in advance what our clients want their website to look like and how they expect it to function.

If you’re unhappy with our services in any way, we’ll gladly issue a refund up to your last month’s invoice.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Not happy? You don’t pay!

SiteSubscribe: Satisfaction Guaranteed Or You Don't Pay

SiteSubscribe Satisfaction Guarantee

We make sure we gather all of the specifications from our clients, and we communicate with our clients along the way as we build their website so that expectations remain in line with what we are doing. That way there are no surprises, and our customers get what they asked for and what they expect.

Other WordPress Services
Increase Website Conversions

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Monthly SEO Subscription
WordPress Training & Consulting

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WordPress Training
Website Evaluation with Suggestions

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Website Evaluation

WordPress Training

Personalized WordPress Training held via interactive Web Conference by a WordPress Expert.

WordPress Training, Consulting, & Support

Simply call us to set up your WordPress Training.

Or use our web form below to schedule your personalized training…


Once we hear from you we'll promptly to find a time that works best for you, and to find out what topics you need to learn about, and at what level (beginning, intermediate, advanced).

One-On-One WP Training
Group WordPress Training
WordPress Instruction
WordPress Classes
WordPress Tutorials
WordPress Consulting

Just let us know what you need to learn and we'll set up a training just for you  and your team! Call 720-420-6030

Schedule Training Using Our Form

Do I really need ongoing website Maintenance?

Why Do I Need Ongoing Website Maintenance?

Serving up a website involves many layers of technology that all rely on each other, and rely on current up-to-date versions to work and remain secure. All of these layers of technology are constantly updating to keep up with the latest technologies and security patches. They all play off of each other in such a way that if one updates, eventually the others will also need to update soon in order to keep pace. Older versions eventually become deprecated and over time are no longer supported.

Your web environment needs to have all of the latest updates and security patches at all levels…otherwise over time things will stop working and be subject to malware and hacking.

Server Technology

PHP is the programming language that runs on the server that WordPress runs on. The MySQL database (required by WordPress) also runs on PHP. It is mandatory to keep PHP and MySQL up-to-date for WordPress, plugins, themes, etc. to work properly so that your website works properly and remains secure.

WordPress ‘Core’

The WordPress ‘core’ upgrades about 4 times per year. WordPress has to be kept up-to-date (managed from within the Admin Dashboard) so that all of the themes and plugins continue to work as expected (including security updates).

Themes and Plugins

Plugins and themes are updated constantly. Depending on how many plugins you are using it is not uncommon to need to update plugins every couple of days, or at least weekly.

Themes and plugins have to be kept up-to-date to work with each other, to resolve conflicts, for security, and to work with the latest web browsers, code frameworks, and technologies.

Think of it like your desktop operating system, perhaps like Windows Vista that programs run on…same principal. If you didn’t keep things up-to-date it would be like trying to run Office 2011 on an old Windows 98 operating system, running on a 7 year old laptop. It just wouldn’t work! And if you wait for 3 or 6 months to do your required updates, you are at risk from malware and hackers the entire time you wait.

Everything needs to be kept up-to-date to current versions for everything to continue to work together. So it is a never ending cycle of updating at many levels.


Don’t forget that every time you make a major change or update that there should be a current backup pulled first. This is mission critical stuff.

Who is going to maintain all of that??

  • Our Website Maintenance Service offers a hugely important layer that covers keeping WordPress core up-to-date, along with all plugins and most themes.
  • Included with all of our Managed WordPress Services we also provide frequent offsite backups as part of our Website Maintenance service.
  • In addition, most of our Managed WordPress Service Plans include Technical Support and Security.
  • We provide a very necessary layer of management & expertise to keep things running for your website to work properly and minimize security vulnerabilities…saving you many hours and headaches every single month.
  • When you host with us with our Managed WordPress Hosting we in turn use a great web host which does some of the heavy lifting by maintaining the server (we have a hand in that as well to keep things running smoothly).

Our Managed WordPress Services are worth every penny to keep your website up and running hassle free!

Multiple Site Discount

Do you have multiple WordPress websites needing our Managed WordPress Services?

Multiple Site Discount = 40% off each additional site.

Save money for each additional site you own, plus provide access to our Premium Plugin & Theme libraries for your other websites.

Need a new website?

Whether you need a whole new website or just some enhancements to your existing website, with scores of satisfied web design customers we can handle it.

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