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25 Reasons Why ‘WP Engine’ Is Your Best Choice for WordPress Website Hosting

25 reasons why WP Engine is your best choice for WordPress website hosting. Speed. Security. Tools. Peace of mind…

Video Tutorial: Genesis Extender WordPress plugin: using hooks and widgets to add content to your website

How to add content to various areas of your website using the Genesis Extender WordPress plugin from Cobalt Apps: http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=424971&u=346692&m=29819&urllink=&afftrack= In this video we insert some HTML code with a logo into the header of a website using the Genesis Extender plugin so the logo is on all pages. We also create a widget area […]

Video Tutorial: Adding reusable code or elements in WordPress websites with Shortcodes UI plugin

Adding reusable code or elements like logos or phone numbers in your WordPress website with the free Shortcodes UI plugin. This plugin is very powerful, I just cover the basics of how to create a Shortcode that allows you to add resuable HTML into any location on your website with a shortcode that is created […]

Video Tutorial: Inspect Webpage CSS Using Web Inspector

How to inspect your webpage’s CSS using Web Inspector or similar built-in tools within your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or for IE use Firebug).

Video Tutorial: Creating Events using “The Events Calendar Pro”, WooTickets, and WooCommerce WordPress plugins

How to create purchasable Events using “The Events Calendar Pro” WordPress plugin, along with WooTickets and WooCommerce. Also includes how to add event Sponsors using the “Logos Showcase” plugin and the “Advanced Text Widget PRO”, both available from http://CodeCanyon.net?ref=SiteSubscribe.

Video Tutorial: Edit CSS Using the Genesis Extender plugin or Catalyst WordPress Theme

In this video we show how To Edit CSS Using the Genesis Extender plugin for the Genesis Theme Framework from Studio Press, (or the Catalyst WordPress Theme), without overriding work others have done. Genesis Extender plugin from Cobalt Apps: http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=424971&u=346692&m=29819&urllink=&afftrack= Genesis Theme Framework: http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=241369&u=346692&m=28169&urllink=&afftrack=  

Video Tutorial: Setting WordPress Screen-Options

In this short video we show how to set WordPress Screen-Options so that you have control over what shows on various screens while in the WordPress Dashboard.

Free Google Web Fonts Synced To Your Desktop For Local Graphic Design

Early this month (May 2013) Google announced they are partnering with fonts.com by offering their complete collection of open source Google Fonts available for free for download to your desktop. To this point Google Fonts have mostly been for use on the web, typically used by web designers to incorporate any of the nearly 500 Google Fonts in their web work (if you […]

Video Tutorial: Adding an image to SlideDeck2 for an image slider in WordPress.

Video Tutorial: Adding an image to SlideDeck2 for an image slider.

Beginning WordPress Tutorial: FREE 1 Hour Training Video.

Free 1 Hour WordPress Training Video. Beginning & Intermediate. Everything you need to know to manage your own WordPress website and content.

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Here is our list of Recommended Plugins based on the many WordPress websites we’ve built and our numerous WordPress trainings.

Guidelines for Image Sizes for New Websites

When selecting images for use in a new website, here are general guidelines to use for image sizes…

Login Problems? How To Log In and Access Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Problems Logging In To Your WordPress Website? If you are unable to log in to your SiteSubscribe account (the WordPress Dashboard login), use the password recovery link on the login screen. If you are still having difficulty please submit a Support Request and mention ‘Login Problem’ in your note to us (or you can also call us). […]

Recommended Plugins & Themes

Here is our list of Recommended Plugins based on many years of using WordPress, building websites, and evaluating & cataloging over 3,500 plugins.

WooCommerce Changing Extension Licenses to Charge Per Site

WooCommerce Extension License agreements changing to only be valid per site, is a game changer in a negative way for for the business model of many Web Designers who incorporate WooCommerce into websites for their customers.

Frustration and confusion with Paypal

Paypal versions are super confusing (I don’t pretend to understand them). Paypal calls the different plans similar things, but they end up being totally different and not compatible with what you expect. Or what is Payflow may be known as 2 different things depending on which version of the API you have (or when you signed up). Very confusing.

Best ‘Calls To Action’ For Targeting Customer Engagement On Your Website

Much effort and expense is made on the internet in the realm of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get more traffic to one’s website, but from there, once you have earned some website traffic, the real emphasis should be to get a website visitor to act on something on your website.

Headway Theme First Time User Learning Curve

At this point the jury is still out…I haven’t made up my mind whether I’m going to be using Headway as one of my TOP theme frameworks when building websites. If things go well in the near future I may even LEAD with Headway for most new projects.

WooCommerce is NOT Compatible with Headway Theme

I’m finding out the hard way that the WooCommerce shopping cart is NOT compatible with the drag-and-drop Headway theme. Here’s the journey.

StudioPress Genesis Video Tutorials

StudioPress.TV Official video tutorials by StudioPress.