2012-02-28 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

Genesis Featured Widget Amplified

0.8 (12-27-2012 : current)

  • Fixed image alignment when not linked
  • Added alignnone to output if no alignment is selected
  • Added aligncenter to image options
  • Dropped support for php 4, now requires php 5.2 like WordPress
  • Simplified defaults to a single list instead of 2 lists
  • Simplified widget form creation to allow easier option updates
  • Fixed extra posts showing if number of posts is filled in but check box isn’t checked
  • Added option for “any” on post types.
  • Added option for linking the gravatar
  • Fixed some strings that were not internationalized correctly
  • Added additional option for linking post title/image via custom field
  • Added title cutoff symbol


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  • Fixes crash condition



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