2012-03-02 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On v1.6.2

What’s new

  • Fixed issue causing conflicts with feeds created by older versions of the plugin.
  • Fixed issue with sack script being initialized with an incorrect admin url.
  • Fixed issue that caused warnings to be displayed on feeds created by older versions.


1.5 – 01/03/2012

  • Quick edit products
  • Bulk edit products
  • Purchase notes – add text to a product to include in order tables after payment
  • Downloadable Product Permissions management via orders page – grant and revoke access to files
  • See how many times a download has been downloaded
  • Option for downloadable files to expire after X days
  • Define extra flat rate addons – e.g. priority shipping for an extra $5
  • PayPal standard goes straight to PayPal via a GET request – no more pay page/forms
  • Better mixed cart handling – option to give access to downloads after payment (processing order status)
  • Added basic API for payment gateways to hook into (for IPN etc)
  • Added Bulgarian translation
  • Fixed SKU sort in admin
  • woocommerce_file_download_path hook
  • Order screen has icons showing customer notes + order notes
  • Fixed category hierarchy (typo)
  • Delete term cleanup
  • Filters to override default country and state on checkout form
  • Added item_number to paypal standard (sku)
  • Errors can be loaded into any page though wc_error query string var
  • Fix for default value when data-min is used
  • Hooks for quantity selectors
  • Load order of the translation files tweaked so ones in wp-content/languages get priority
  • Improved woocommerce_get_template_part
  • Improved edit my address page when accessed directly
  • Extra hooks in carts/totals
  • Tweaked attributes page/labels
  • Added required * to checkout fields, dynamically for locales
  • is main query tweak
  • Filters for BACS fields
  • Polish translation by Maciej Swoboda
  • More reliable cache deletion
  • Fixed record_product_sales
  • Fix order tracking page
  • Fix dates for orders
  • Made links in customer notes clickable links
  • Product option for customise the button text for external products
  • Function for getting placeholder.png – woocommerce_placeholder_img_src() with filter woocommerce_placeholder_img_src
  • Slight settings cleanup
  • Order items (frontend) link through to product pages
  • Separate right now widget (thanks Mamaduka!)
  • Fixed missing errors on my account
  • Enhanced variation price display (thanks pixeltrix) and tweaked get_price_html – new filters for variation prices
  • email_order_items_table image thumbnail support
  • Hiding the cart widget option now shows the widget if adding to cart via ajax
  • More reliable un-force https code
  • Reset link for variations
  • Better grouped price code
  • My account remembers post data upon error
  • Hidden shipping address from account page and mails when disabled
  • Option to limit products which are downloadable and virtual to 1 per cart
  • woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie when cart has contents (can be used for caching plugins)

amr shortcode any widget

Version 1.4

  • Updated readme – made very detailed steps and added some screen shots.
  • Tested on wp 3.3.1 and fixed some notices when bad parameters entered.



  • Remove some old compatibility code
  • Performance optimizations
  • Better support for loading via HTTPS

Genesis Simple Sidebars


  • Increase requirement to WordPress 3.3 and Genesis 1.8.0
  • Switch to Genesis Admin class to build admin menu.


The following has been updated for Premise 2.0.1

  • Comp orders (see action links on the user listing)
  • Change orders (upgrade/downgrade)
  • Details on order listing
  • Details on product listing
  • Localization update to include membership module
  • Caching issue with the api key
  • show message for membership when api key not valid (or present)
  • Admin gateway tests
  • Checkout css tweaks
  • Closes comments on the member page
  • Fixed logged in check
  • Add log in redirect message on member page
  • Checks for active gateways on checkout page
  • Validate product id on checkout & in product shortcodes
  • Fixeds error message on some mailchimp opt in forms when membership activated
  • Fixed error using Constant Contact API

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