2012-03-03 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

jQuery Collapse-O-Matic


  • Relaunched of plugin page on Twinpictures’ Plugin Oven


Search Everything


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


  • New public YARPP query API, which supports custom post types
    • Documentation in the “other notes” section of the readme
    • Changed format of weighttemplaterecent parameters in options and in optional args
  • Further main query optimization:
    • What’s cooler than joining four tables? Joining two.
    • Exclude now simply uses term_taxonomy_ids instead of term_ids
  • Bugfix: “related posts” preview metabox was not always working properly
  • Changes to the related_*() and yarpp_related() function signatures.
  • Added “consider with extra weight” to taxonomy criteria as well
  • Code cleanup:
    • Don’t clear the cache when it’s already empty
    • protect the sql method as it shouldn’t be public
    • Further use of utility functions from 3.1 like wp_list_pluck()
    • New constant, YARPP_EXTRA_WEIGHT to define the “extra weight.” By default, it’s 3.
  • Localizations:
    • Added Slovak (sk_SK) localization by Forex
    • Added Romanian (ro_RO) localization by Uhren Shop
    • Updated it_ITko_KRfr_FRsv_SEja localizations


Genesis Simple Sidebars


  • Increase requirement to WordPress 3.3 and Genesis 1.8.0
  • Switch to Genesis Admin class to build admin menu.

Blog in Blog


  • Fixed: Read more links for post excerpts are now fixed.
  • Fixed: Better calculation of offset if hidefirst n posts is used.

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