2012-03-05 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

AnythingSlider for WordPress


  • Updated plugin script to 1.7.26 *
  • Added option to change theme upon slide insertion *


Ultimate Blogroll


  • added curl support, thanks to Rob of abcblogcast
  • fixed bug checking for external links, there is no need in receiving a warning (ports not open) if you don’t need the feature
  • curl support should fix the “Could not check for reciprocal website. Check if ports are open.” warning


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


  • Bugfix: change $yarpp->get_post_types() to return array of names by default
  • Ensure that all supported post types are used when “display results from all post types” is set


Blog in Blog


  • Fixed: Read more links for post excerpts are now fixed.
  • Fixed: Better calculation of offset if hidefirst n posts is used.




  • Relevanssi will now index pending and future posts. These posts are only shown in the admin search.


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