2012-03-07 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

Gravity Forms

What’s New in Gravity Forms v1.

  • Removed debugging code in place for WordPress database bug workaround.


  • Fixed issue with dbDelta causing errors when trying to update the database tables on case sensitive database servers.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic displaying wrong fields in the admin.
  • Fixed issue with form redirect not url encoding the total field properly.
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability with the “Other” radio button input and one of the AJAX hidden fields.
  • Fixed notices in form widget and when enabling no-conflict mode.
  • Fixed issue with entry list throwing database errors when sorting while filtering by starred or unread.
  • Fixed javascript error on form editor for IE7/8.
  • Fixed issue with entry detail page displaying an error when query string “pos” wasn’t specified.
  • Fixed issue with text counter being displayed multiple times when more than one form is embedded on a page.
  • Fixed bug with Post Category merge tags.
  • Fixed issue when AJAX forms getting displayed blank.
  • Fixed issue with product fields being added to entry even though they were hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed bug with conditional logic when applied to checkboxes.


jQuery Collapse-O-Matic


  • Autoclose elements will now trigger SwapTitle


The Slide by SimpleReach


  • CSS usage changes
  • Beta requirements
  • Better validations
nrelate Related Content


  • Fixed CSS path
  • Bug fix: issue with NONE style


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