2012-03-08 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

Continuous announcement scroller

7.0 Now option to display random order Tested upto 3.3.1



1.5.1 – 08/03/2012

  • Persistent (logged-in) customer carts (thanks dominic-p)
  • Error suppression on set_time_out
  • Order-details removed shipping when disabled
  • Updated Turkish translation
  • Layered nav for attribute pages (thanks helgatheviking)
  • Fixed dates in dashboard stats
  • Download expiry was backwards
  • Fix styling of new attribute
  • When passing aggregate orders to paypal, include item names
  • Localisation improvements
  • Fix local method availability
  • Show order even if free
  • Removed duplicate order on tracking page
  • Improved coupon page
  • Added option to limit coupons to a category
  • Hooks for locate template functions (Thanks Lucas)
  • Better language loading (GeertDD and deckerweb #win)
  • Fix for grouped product from price
  • Store less cart data in sessions to reduce file sizes
  • Minimum spend option for coupons (thanks to jason whitaker)
  • 5 digit UK postcode handling


The Slide by SimpleReach


  • Fixed edge case bug with saving CSS


s2Member® Framework


  • (s2Member/s2Member Pro) Custom Registration/Profile Fields. Now possible to create a Custom Field that’s always hidden, during both registration and any future Profile edits (e.g. for administrative purposes only).
  • (s2Member/s2Member Pro) Compatibility. Minor updates for compatibility with the coming release of WordPress® v3.4.
  • (s2Member Pro) Bug fix. Broken link in UI leading to: s2m-pro-extras.zip. Corrected in this release.


CMS Tree Page View


  • Updated German translation
  • Fixed PHP notice messages
  • Updated swedish translation
  • Changed the way scripts and styles load, so it won’t add scripts and styles to pages it shouldn’t add scripts and styles to



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