2012-03-21 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting



  • fixed cross posting on social networks when the blog disable the revisions
  • fixed scheduled post
  • changed the way to retrieve an image to display on facebook/linkedin


Gravity Forms

What’s New in Gravity Forms v1.6.3.3

  • Added javascript gform_format_option_label javascript hook to allow option price to be manipulated or disabled.
  • Added gform_entry_page_size hook to allow users to specify the page size on the entry list page.
  • Fixed conflict with jQuery on IE 7 causing option pricing to be displayed on product (i.e. non-option) fields.
  • Fixed admin display issue with the bulk-add modal panel in Chrome.
  • Fixed conflict with jQuery on IE 8 causing total to be doubled up.
  • Fixed warnings when nl2br used on array.
  • Fixed issue with form editor not allowing users to uncheck the “Set as Post Image” checkbox.
  • Fixed issue where errors would be displayed when a “starts with” conditional logic was configured without the actual “starts with” value.
  • Fixed issue with quantity field being recorded as . when a value is not entered.
  • Fixed issue with a “Select Format” option appearing in the quantity field’s number format option for newly created fields.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic when using post category fields that were configured to display all categories.
  • Fixed issue with gravityforms.js not being enqueued on forms with conditional logic.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate field feature when field has a double quote in the description.


Featured articles Lite


  • Compatibility with WPtouch plugin by verifying if WPtouch Restricted Mode option is on and preventing any slideshows from displaying. A new option under Settings can also prevent any slideshows from displaying in WPtouch mobile themes but if Restricted Mode is on, even if allowed from Featured Articles Lite, no slideshows will display.
  • Compatibility with qTranslate plugin. No action needed to enable it.



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