2012-03-30 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

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  • Fixed: Donation link


Gravity Forms + Constant Contact


  • Fixed issue where registration notice shows up on Plugins page, even when Gravity Forms is registered.


Quotes Collection

2012-03-28: Version

  • Minor fix (the missing semicolon in  )


Pop Up!

Download – version 4.2.3
Released Date: 2012-3-26 Downloads: 332
Added forced array for sanitise function
Updated language file
Updated version number

Download – version 4.2.2
Released Date: 2012-3-25 Downloads: 57
Added On Url condition to show popover on certain urls only
Added Not On Url condition to show popover on every url except for certain ones
Fixed bug that leaves video sound playing when dismissed.

Download – version 4.2.1
Released Date: 2012-3-9 Downloads: 697
Fixed issue with id not starting with a letter

Download – version 4.2
Released Date: 2012-3-7 Downloads: 243
Updated method for showing pop over immediately on page load
Changed pop over html id to attempt to prevent blocking by advert blocking addons
Added delay method to set a timer before the pop over shows
Updated language file

Download – version 4.1.1
Released Date: 2012-3-4 Downloads: 239
Added initial pro-sites rule.
Added extra js check before making a site dark (for dark background styles).

Download – version 4.1
Released Date: 2012-3-3 Downloads: 132
Added a fixed position style.
Added a dark background fixed position style.
Added option to remove Never see again link.
Changed rule processing so it defaults to showing a popover rather than opposite.

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