2012-04-18 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting


1.5.4 – 16/04/2012

  • Feature – Allow attributes to be added from the edit product page
  • Feature – Allow external products to be a part of a grouped product. Button titles will be respected when displayed.
  • Feature – Added woocommerce_get_dimension/woocommerce_get_weight helpers for normalisation. Thanks Andy Zhang
  • Feature – Pass page_style to paypal standard if defined
  • Feature – Option to hide shipping costs until an address is entered on the cart/checkout
  • Feature – Tax class selection for variations
  • Feature – Shortcode to show a list of all product categories
  • Feature – Minimum fee option for flat rate shipping
  • Feature – “Package” support for shipping calculations – allows third parties to split the cart up to calc shipping. Also caches packages meaning the cart shipping only needs to be calculated once (until totals or customer location changes)
  • Feature – Local delivery cost per item condition
  • Feature – get_product_search_form function, used in product search widget
  • Tweak – Redesigned variation panels and variation bulk edit to make them easier to use and expand.
  • Tweak – Show multiple success messages/error messages if added, rather than one or the other
  • Tweak – Adding an item to an order now uses the ajax style product finder
  • Tweak – Updated chosen to latest release
  • Tweak – Changed recent order tables to make them slightly more compact
  • Tweak – Moved recent order table to a template file
  • Tweak – Improved default view-order page when order id is not defined – instead of stating “invalid order” it will list recent orders
  • Tweak – For the short description, removed the_content filter and used woocommerce_short_description
  • Tweak – Don’t send password in new account email (some customers complained/privacy concerns)
  • Tweak – Don’t show unused tabs on the frontend (description and reviews)
  • Tweak – Rename comments meta box to reviews
  • Tweak – Rewritten widgets to use category walkers
  • Tweak – Improved installation code (dbdelta)
  • Tweak – Email tfoot compatibility for outlook
  • Tweak – Removed shortcode wrappers/cache for main pages since they are only ever called once per page load
  • Tweak – woocommerce_after_cart_item_quantity_update action sends cart item key instead of object
  • Tweak – Product images on orders page
  • Tweak – Payment method transition
  • Tweak – Moved product attribute table to a template file for easier customisation.
  • Tweak – If the “Only ship to the users billing address” admin option is set to true, the checkout form displayed “Billing & Shipping”. Even when a cart contains only virtual goods and does not require shipping. (Thanks thenbrent)
  • Tweak – Separate sections for each shipping method, due to the volume of data being posted upon save. NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: The save hook for shipping options is woocommerce_update_options_shipping_{your method id}
  • Tweak – $order->send_stock_notifications function
  • Fix – Product cat sortable when item cannot be moved.
  • Fix – Do not show the Additional Information tab on product single page if contents are hidden or not existing.
  • Fix – nofollow add to cart links to prevent indexing
  • Fix – Add to cart shortcode and hidden products
  • Fix – Local rates were being ignored if no main rates were set
  • Localization – Canada post code locale
  • Localization – RMB paypal
  • Localization – Bundled translation updates
  • Localization – Changed the filters for checkout field locales – lets you override the base country labels
  • Localization – Wrong code for Quebec -> PQ to QC
  • Localization – Malaysian ringgit symbol


Custom Field Template


  • Bugfix: mediaPicker attribute with a break type.
  • Bugfix: disappearance of the main editor.


Hana Flv Player

v2.8 (4/17/2012):

  • Added MediaElement.js v2.8.0 (HTML5 player). I think this is the best HTML5 players out there with flash fallback and Appple device support. However, ‘clickurl’ attribute is not supported for this player. It does not have the feature yet.



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