2012-04-25 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

Ultimate TinyMCE


  • 04-25-12
  • New Feature: Added ability to save the scrollbar position after saving a post/page. This prevents the scrollbar from jumping to the top of the post/page after saving or publishing content.
  • Bugfix: Finished renaming all functions and appended jwl_ to the beginning of each, so as not to conflict with other plugins possibly using the same function names.
  • Tweak: Added 30 day reminder for donating. My apologies to all who have already donated. Thank you. This message will popup after 30 days of having the plugin installed. There is also a link to permanently dismiss the message when it appears.
  • Tweak: Removed half of the screenshots from the plugin (7 total), reducing plugin file size.


Use Google Libraries


  • Added check for WordPress including non-standard versions of scripts (fixes WordPress 3.2.2/swfobject).
  • Fixed incorrect case in HTTPS check.


Hana Flv Player

v2.8.2 (4/24/2012):

  • If Flash video player is used and Apple device is used to view the website, gray square box shows up to indicate the Flash is not supported.
  • Minor fixes for MediaElement.js implemenation

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