2012-05-01 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

Dave’s WordPress Live Search


  • 2012-04-29 Dave Ross dave@csixty4.com
  • Back-ported fix from 3.0 which sets defaults on activation
  • Tested for compatibility with WordPress 3.4



The following has been updated for Premise 2.0.4

  • Bug fixes.


ShortCodes UI

1.8.1 fixed Typo.

1.8 Fixed paypal redirect bug on options page, added plugin info class.


Ultimate TinyMCE


  • 04-27-12
  • Bugfix: Removed the User Roles until I can figure out why multisites are having trouble. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone is interested in helping me test on multisites, please contact me via email.


User Role Editor


  • 30.04.2012
  • CSS and page layout fix for compatibility with WordPress 3.4.
  • WordPress multi-site: when new blog created default role setting is copied for it from the main blog default role value now.
  • Minor translations files update, e.g Russian roles names in plugin are identical to those WordPress uses itself now, etc.



v1.8.1 fix for a possible security issue


Ultimate Blogroll


  • added German language


Gravity Forms

What’s New in Gravity Forms v1.6.4

  • Added support for calculations in Number field.
  • Added new Calculation product field type.
  • Added short code to enable conditionals in notification message, confirmation message and content templates.
  • Added new choices for conditional routing to administrator notifications (greater than, less than, contains, starts with, ends with).
  • Added step=’any’ attribute to number inputs when HTML5 is enabled.
  • Added id attribute to anchor.
  • Added new entry information fields to the entry export field list.
  • Added hook to allow users to specify the page size on the entry list page.
  • Added support for showing lead on entry detail when LID or POS are passed. Always third parties to link directly to leads.
  • Added support for {Product Name:1:qty} merge tag to allow the quantity of product fields to be returned via a merge tag.
  • Added filter to allow changes to the recaptcha init screen.
  • Added support for {Total:1:price} merge tag to allow total to be formatted numerically.
  • Updated conditional logic and merge tag drop downs so that a width is specified instead of truncating the value.
  • Updated inline js so that it is now “enqueued” and consolidated into a single script block tied to the ‘gform_post_render’ event.
  • Updated notification wysiwyg styles in admin.
  • Updated the form editor so that the max characters option on single input field is hidden when input mask is enabled.
  • Updated checkbox field so that it can be pre-populated using an array in addition to a comma separated list.
  • Fixed issue of no results displayed when viewing a form that has a paged entry list and switching to a form that does not.
  • Fixed issue with {all_fields} merge tag when using post category fields as target of conditional logic.
  • Fixed notice for $read_only variable.
  • Fixed notice for postStatus.
  • Fixed issue with form editor not allowing users to uncheck the “Set as Post Image” checkbox.
  • Fixed issue where errors would be displayed when a “starts with” conditional logic was configured without the actual “starts with” value.
  • Fixed issue with quantity field being recorded as . when a value is not entered.
  • Fixed issue with a “Select Format” option appearing in the quantity field’s number format option for newly created fields.
  • Fixed admin display issue with the bulk-add modal panel in Chrome.
  • Fixed warnings when nl2br used on array.
  • Fixed issue on notification merge tag drop down wrapping to next line when field labels were long.
  • Fixed issue with hidden product not taking quantity into account when calculating total.
  • Fixed issue with hidden product field preventing quantity from being populated dynamically.
  • Fixed issue with entry detail page not loading the entry that was clicked on entry list page.
  • Fixed issue with the WordPress HTTPS plugin integration.
  • Fixed javascript error on AJAX forms with credit card field.
  • Fixed issue with notification failing when a comma separated list of emails was entered with spaces in between emails.
  • Fixed quantity validation so that it does not allow decimals.
  • Fixed issue with chosen script not being enqueued properly when form had conditional logic.
  • Fixed validation issue with quantity field that didn’t honor the min/max setting.





  • 404 not found error for css file fixed
  • minor bugs fixed


Meteor Slides


  • Updated slideshow to scale for responsive and fluid width themes
  • Added slideshow taxonomy selector to widget
  • Added jQuery Touchwipe plugin to enable touch navigation
  • Updated and expand contextual help
  • Updated JQuery Cycle to 2.9999.5, switch to un-minimized version
  • Added Belarusian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, and Persian translations




  • [PRO]
  • Added New Feature: Fetch every 1 Minute. Buyed by Juergen Mueller from Wirtschaft
  • [/PRO]
  • Fix minor but important thing about duplicating posts.
  • Fix minnor layout bugs on Settings.


Genesis Layout Extras

1.3 (2012-05-01)

  • New plugin features:
    • NEW: Performance optimization – restructuring and splitting of code into several files, loading only where and if needed. Plugin support stuff only appears now if one of the supported plugins is active!
    • NEW: Added new option for ‘Search not found’ page – when there are NO search results (for example very handy to set a full-width layout for this case…).
    • NEW: Added support for more custom post type by plugins:
    • “Genesis Media Project” by Nick Croft (free)
    • “Easy Digital Downloads” by Pippins Williamson at PippinsPlugins.com (free)
    • “WooCommerce” by WooThemes (free)
    • “Jigoshop” by Jigowatt Ltd. (free)
    • NEW: Added support for custom post type by child themes: “Clip Cart” and “Stage” both by Themedy Themes brand.
    • NEW: Added support for “Features” taxonomy of the already supported AgentPress Listings plugin.
    • NEW: Up to three meta boxes on options page – draggable and settings via “Screen options”
    • NEW: Added “Save” button to each section in a meta box for easier handling – I guess this is much more user friendly :).
  • UPDATE: Simplified Genesis detection on installation, making it much more future-proof and user-friendly.
  • UPDATE: Improved the language files a lot, by optimizing and re-using a lot of strings and especially by removing almost all markup from the strings!
  • UPDATE: Completely deprecated old contextual help system (from prior WordPress 3.3) – in favor of supporting the help tabs system, in a more extended form 🙂
  • CODE: Beside new features, minor code/documentation tweaks and improvements.
  • CODE: Successfully tested against Genesis 1.8+ plus WordPress 3.3 branch and new 3.4 branch. Also successfully tested in WP_DEBUG mode (no notices or warnings).
  • UPDATE: Updated and optimized all screenshots, plus added some new ones.
  • UPDATE: Updated, corrected and improved readme.txt file, especially the FAQ section.
  • NEW: Added new French translation by Grégoire Noyelle
  • UPDATE: Updated German and Italian translations and also the .pot file for all translators!
  • UPDATE: Extended GPL License info in readme.txt as well as main plugin file.


WooThemes framework

Version 5.3.12 of the WooFramework was recently released to ensure that the file in question is overwritten correctly by the WooFramework one-click update system. This update was flagged as “critical” and is an essential update. As per this post: http://www.woothemes.com/2012/04/framework-shortcode-exploit-has-been-fixed/

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