2012-05-07 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting

Ultimate TinyMCE


  • 05-05-12
  • Tweak: Updated the CodeMagic plugin to be set to ltr language. This helps those with rtl language websites while editing with CodeMagic.
  • Tweak: Updated the “popup.css” file to be set to ltr languate… for the same reason mentioned above.
  • Tweak: Adjusted various elements into measurements of percentages rather than pixels. This will help when viewing the settings page on various screen resolutions.
  • Tweak: Added a metabox for suggested plugins and themes. These have been tested by me personally, and work extremely well with Ultimate Tinymce. If I use them and are happy with them, I will list them on the admin page as recommended additions. (NOTE) Any plugin or theme in this box was NOT developed by me unless otherwise stated.


User Role Editor


  • 07.05.2012
  • Italian translation is updated. Thanks to Tristano Ajmone.


Bad Behavior


Link Library


  • Removed previous affiliate link and added information on my upcoming book.


Constant Contact API


  • Fixed fatal error for users with PHP versions not supporting checkdnsrrfunction for email domain validation.
Constant Contact API: Form Designer (Alpha)


  • Fixed fatal error for users with PHP versions not supporting checkdnsrrfunction for email domain validation.
Hana Flv Player

v2.9 (05/06/2012):

  • Additional MediaElement.js (v2.8.1) player enhancements and fix. MediaElement.js is finally stablized and you can enjoy the truly complete Video Player almost all browsers out there including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explore, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android (phone and tablets).
  • For MediaElement.js, When “autoplay” attribute is enabled, the video doesn’t seem to work under Android and iOS at all. According to the Internet search, the autoplay feature is intentionally blocked for Android and iOS to prevent any unwanted high data bandwidth usage charge. So I have added a javascript routine to activate “autoplay” attribute if the client browser is a non mobile version.
  • “more_5” attribute is added that you can use additional MediaElement.js options ( Refer to ‘Player Options’ in http://mediaelementjs.com/) One of the features is that you can activate or disable the video control buttons.
  • Added Event Tracking in Google Analytics for MediaElement.js player too.
  • Please check out http://wpmarketing.org/2012/05/support-video-for-all-browsers-by-adding-mediaelement-js-to-hana-flv-player/ for additional details.
Social Media Widget


  • Added support for Pinterest (Sorry about the large gap in time. Finally got some time to do this)


WordPress Download Monitor

  • File browser path fix
  • When using ‘wrap’ with shortcodes, output the wrap even if its not ul


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