2012-05-09 Maintenance Updates – WordPress Managed Hosting


2.2.36 – 2012-05-07 – Dustin Bolton
Error on migrating comments table data. Issue #165.
Fixed javascript error in some browsers in importbuddy.js due to extra array comma.
Updated Rackspace Cloud cacert.perm SSL Certificates.
Added further UK support for file sending, browsing.
Now saving backup step start and finish times to prevent race conditions caused by over-zelous WordPress cron. This is an incomplete solution so far.
Missing old home url in DAT file no longer holds up import.
Fixed typo in remote destination sending on Rackspace UK servers.
Now using ftp_chdir() prior to deleting files. Prevent directory doubling issues.
Updated x-zipbuddy files for fixing exclusions on Windows is compatibilty mode.
Fixed remote FTP limit failing to trim files on some servers when a path is given.
Added server/port information for FTP test errors.
Fixed incorrect variable $rs -> $destination in remote_send_rackspace() call.
Fixed Sucuri rescan button not forcing Sucuri to clear their cache. Issue #223.


Gravity Forms

What’s New in Gravity Forms v1.6.4.2

  • Moved Cardholder name under the expiration date on credit card fields.
  • Updated AJAX .submit() call, removing extra event data parameter that caused a conflict with some scripts.
  • Added override for jQuery “prop” method which defaults to using attr if prop not available.
  • Fixed issue with website validation not allowing port numbers to be entered.
  • Fixed issue with field calculation not taking fields hidden by conditional logic into account.
  • Fixed issue with post image size merge tag drop down not saving its value properly.
  • Fixed issue where field calculations were not triggering conditional logic.
  • Fixed issue with {all_fields} displaying duplicate values.
  • Fixed issue with No conflict mode not enqueueing gravityforms.js on the form editor.
  • Fixed Single Product field so that the field label is changed to match the pre-populated product name.
  • Fixed issue with Forms menu overriding other custom post type menus.
  • Fixed issue where number fields in HTML where chocking on comma-formatted numbers.
  • Fixed issue on form editor for forms that had hidden product fields.


jQuery Collapse-O-Matic


  • Added the findme attribute to auto scroll to start of expanded items


Types – Complete Solution for Custom Fields and Types


  • Added an option to make fields repeatable
  • Added multiple-option checkboxes
  • Added an option to output just URLs for resized images
  • Added support for global class and style for all fields
  • Added AJAX support for conditional fields
  • Added support for non-ASCII characters in CPT URLs
  • Added translations for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch
  • Fixed many small bugs and glitches


Shareaholic | email, bookmark, and share

  • New translations! -> Belarusian (by Alexander Ovsov) -> Polish (by Bartosz Chojnacki) -> Catalan (by Joan Jordi Berdullas Segura) -> Bulgarian (by Nikolay Nikolov) -> Lithuanian (by Nata Strazda)
  • Added Google Plus as a service to SexyBookmarks
  • Added support to show Topbar across different types of pages (posts, pages, index & category)
  • Added Share Counts for LinkedIn
  • Added functionality to enable/disable SexyBookmarks independently
  • Added brand new, much improved way to share posts via email!
  • Added support to enforce publisher specified language locale
  • Social Analytics are now also viewable by contributors, authors and editors (previously limited to admins)
  • Fixed bug: Twitter counter display position in Like Button Set
  • Fixed bug: Nofollow links in “new mode”
  • New activation page
  • Numerous performance optimizations
  • Custom Twitter template is now used universally
  • URL shortener settings now used universally
  • Cleaned up legacy code for greater efficiency
  • Added Google Analytics Social Tracking Feature


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