Warning: Golden Business Profe…

Warning: Golden Business Professionals About the “Business Strategy and Networking in Colorado” & “I Take The Lead” http://ow.ly/3ETQo

http://wordpresstutorials.tv nice WordPress Tutorials

http://wordpresstutorials.tv nice WordPress Tutorials mostly in video (WordPress Themes | WordPress Plugins | How To Blog | Video Tutorials)

Feature Support by WordPress Shopping Cart and Membership Plugins

Running an Ecommerce Store or a Subscription Membership Website There are a lot of ways to ‘skin a cat’. If you need an ecommerce store or a subscription membership website there are a lot of ways to do it using WordPress and WordPress plugins. Each WordPress plugin supports a certain limited feature set for supporting […]

SiteSubscribe interviewed on WebmasterRadio.fm

Simple Tools for Small Business Websites Jeff Kemp, Founder/Key Exec of SiteSubscribe was interviewed this week on Webmaster Radio by Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff, the LinkedIn Rockstars. During this interiew we discussed WordPress and how you can integrate your blog posts with LinkedIn. Listen to MP3: Jeff Kemp, Founder/Key Exec of SiteSubscribe interviewed on […]

Great free WordPress Q & A and Support

Great free WordPress Q&A and support geared for developers…ask your WordPress questions here. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/wordpress http://wordpress.org

Use Amazon’s S3 CDN for faster page loads and lots of online storage

Experiencing Slow Page Loads? Need faster page loads for your website because your web pages are loading too slowly?? Have lots of images, large video files, and lots of other files that you need to store online? Need to remove large files off your hard disk to make some space on your computer? Need to […]

PayPal – ERP Enhanced Recurring Payments

PayPal’s new ERP Enhanced Recurring Payments bridges the gap between PayPal Standard & PayPal Pro Here is some information regarding a new service available from PayPal called Enhanced Recurring Payments (ERP). (Sometimes incorrectly referred to as ERB or Enhanced Recurring Billing). ERP seems to fill the gap between their free PayPal Standard (Website Payments Standard) […]

Nice write-up about me & #SiteSubscribe…

Nice write-up about me & #SiteSubscribe by #Thumbtack.com http://ow.ly/3fh5o A little free publicity is always good. http://yougotthumbtacked.tumblr.com/post/1668856418/the-man-behind-site-subscribe

Added the “enable-media-replace” plugin that allows you to update/replace an image

Added the “enable-media-replace” plugin that allows you to update/replace an image rather than having to delete it and add a new one.

Check out this MP3 from Studio…

Check out this MP3 from Studio Press about integrating press releases with #SEO Great way to get more exposure/traffic. http://ow.ly/30poT

Premium Plugins Included Free with Every Subscription


SmashingMagazine: Advanced Power Tips For WordPress Template Developers

SmashingMagazine: Advanced Power Tips For WordPress Template Developers (great atricle but fairly technical) http://ow.ly/2XRwU

@SiteSubscribe adds Thesis & WP Remix themes to growing list of Premium Themes

@SiteSubscribe adds #Thesis & WP Remix themes to growing list of 535+ #FREE WP themes pre-installed with SiteSubscription http://ow.ly/2PvtD

Import an HTML website into WordPress

Import an HTML website into WordPress as either pages or posts using the “Import Web Pages” plugin. http://ow.ly/2Pa3q

WiseStamp Email Signature within Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail

Enhance Your Email Signature :: Add Social Services :: Use Multiple Signatures :: Insert Html Free WiseStamp is a free browser extension that adds a nice signature to the bottom of your email when using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail. You can use the built-in editor to create and format your email, or you can [...]

Tutorial: Featured Content Gallery Plugin

WordPress Tutorial Featured Content Gallery – WordPress Plugin – Instructional Video – iePlexus This video, created and narrated by Kris Themstrup of iePlexus, walks you through each step of setting up the Featured Content Gallery, a popular WordPress plugin that creates an automated, customizable rotating image gallery anywhere within a WordPress site. Includes detailed directions […]

Learn about WordPress – WordPress Tutorials

Great Collection of WordPress Tutorial Sites To learn WordPress we recommend starting by going to YouTube and entering keywords “wordpress tutorials for beginners”. Watch as many tutorial videos as you can until you think you know at least a little of what you are doing with WordPress…learn how to add pages, to post to your […]

Article by AWeber on ‘How to C…

Article by AWeber on ‘How to Collect Testimonials’; scrape them from existing content: email, blog, Twitter, Facebook http://ow.ly/2Llo7

WordPress.com & Windows Live p…

WordPress.com & Windows Live partner together, provide upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces users.Yeah #WordPress http://ow.ly/2LiMH

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