25 Reasons Why ‘WP Engine’ Is Your Best Choice for WordPress Website Hosting

25 reasons why WP Engine is your best choice for WordPress website hosting. Speed. Security. Tools. Peace of mind…

Catalyst Theme Framework Users Looking at Major Upgrade

Catalyst theme framework users will need to plan on updating their website to use the Genesis theme framework, and likely the ‘Dynamik Website Builder’ child theme (to replace Catalyst/Dynamik). This would need to be done sometime within the next year.

WooCommerce Product Finder – Faceted Search / Advanced Product Search

Finally WooCommerce came out with a powerful Faceted Search / Advanced Product Search to filter on your products custom attributes! WooCommerce Product Finder Drill down your product search by filtering on price, color, size, or any custom attribute you’ve created for your WooCommerce products. The WooCommerce Product Finder extension allows your users to search your site […]

Beginning WordPress Tutorial: FREE 1 Hour Training Video.

Free 1 Hour WordPress Training Video. Beginning & Intermediate. Everything you need to know to manage your own WordPress website and content.

Recommended Plugins & Themes

Here is our list of Recommended Plugins based on many years of using WordPress, building websites, and evaluating & cataloging over 3,500 plugins.

WooCommerce Changing Extension Licenses to Charge Per Site

WooCommerce Extension License agreements changing to only be valid per site, is a game changer in a negative way for for the business model of many Web Designers who incorporate WooCommerce into websites for their customers.

Best ‘Calls To Action’ For Targeting Customer Engagement On Your Website

Much effort and expense is made on the internet in the realm of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get more traffic to one’s website, but from there, once you have earned some website traffic, the real emphasis should be to get a website visitor to act on something on your website.

Do I Really Need Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance?

Do I Really Need Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance? Yes! And here are the reasons why.

What is Responsive Design / Adaptive Websites?

Responsive Design (Adaptive Design, Progressive Enhancement) is a relatively new web design technique targeting various screen sizes, browsers, & devices to make them more user friendly.

Meta Data Character Limits – What are the character limits when adding meta data to a web page?

What are the Meta Data Character Limits to adding meta data to a web page? Is there value in using Keyword meta tags?

WordPress SEO Site Optimization Strategies & Techniques

Optimize your WordPress website with SEO.

This PowerPoint slide presentation was used during a recent WordPress Interactive Training. During this presentation we explore some great SEO strategies and ‘SEO Fundamentals’ to achieve best search engine results for your WordPress website.

Premise Landing Pages WordPress Plugin by CopyBlogger/StudioPress

Premise is a great plugin for WordPress that takes all the hassle out of building effective landing pages that get results. And it does it all in conjunction with the Genesis Theme Framework from StudioPress, right from inside WordPress.

What is my website’s RSS feed?

If you want to pull from only one single particular category (category ID 2) AND exclude a category from your RSS feed (category ID 4): http://sitesubscribe.com/yourdomain/blog/feed?cat=2&cat=-4

Top Reasons for Using WordPress for Your Website

We wouldn’t necessarily agree that SEO is the primary reason to use WordPress for your website, although it is one of the top reasons you should use WordPress. Here are what we believe are some of the Top Reasons for Using WordPress for Your Website:

Send And Receive Email Based On Your Domain Name Using Gmail

Setting up Gmail to Send and Receive email based on your domain name using Gmail. This article describes how to set up Gmail to send and receive from email addresses based on your domain name. This is the simplest way to get your email that is based on your website’s domain into Gmail, and to […]

eStore Shopping Cart Product Display Showcase

eStore Shopping Cart Product Display Examples and WordPress eStore Plugin Shortcodes and Functions Reference This page shows examples of shortcodes available with the eStore plugin, and the resulting product display for each. Shortcodes can be used within a post or page. The product ID or the category ID used here is 1. [stextbox id=”info”] Note: […]

Explanation on WordPress Pages vs. Posts

Pages In WordPress, you can write either posts or pages. When you’re writing a regular blog entry, you write a post. Posts automatically appear in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home page. Pages, on the other hand, are for content such as “About Me,” “Contact Me,” etc. Pages live outside of the normal blog […]