WooCommerce Version 2.0 Major Upgrade

This week WooCommerce rolled out a Major Upgrade with version 2.0.1.

WooCommerce Changing Extension Licenses to Charge Per Site

WooCommerce Extension License agreements changing to only be valid per site, is a game changer in a negative way for for the business model of many Web Designers who incorporate WooCommerce into websites for their customers.

Frustration and confusion with Paypal

Paypal versions are super confusing (I don’t pretend to understand them). Paypal calls the different plans similar things, but they end up being totally different and not compatible with what you expect. Or what is Payflow may be known as 2 different things depending on which version of the API you have (or when you signed up). Very confusing.

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting an Online Store

Of course, SiteSubscribe can help guide you through the maze of ecommerce by helping select which plugins are best to use for your ecommerce store, helping build and configure your site and your ecommerce configuration, etc., but here’s another great resource article from GetShopped.org, the folks who make the renowned WP-eCommerce plugin for WordPress: There […]