25 Reasons Why ‘WP Engine’ Is Your Best Choice for WordPress Website Hosting

25 reasons why WP Engine is your best choice for WordPress website hosting. Speed. Security. Tools. Peace of mind…

Video Tutorial: Genesis Extender WordPress plugin: using hooks and widgets to add content to your website

How to add content to various areas of your website using the Genesis Extender WordPress plugin from Cobalt Apps: http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=424971&u=346692&m=29819&urllink=&afftrack= In this video we insert some HTML code with a logo into the header of a website using the Genesis Extender plugin so the logo is on all pages. We also create a widget area […]

Free Google Web Fonts Synced To Your Desktop For Local Graphic Design

Early this month (May 2013) Google announced they are partnering with fonts.com by offering their complete collection of open source Google Fonts available for free for download to your desktop. To this point Google Fonts have mostly been for use on the web, typically used by web designers to incorporate any of the nearly 500 Google Fonts in their web work (if you […]

WordPress SEO Site Optimization Strategies & Techniques

Optimize your WordPress website with SEO.

This PowerPoint slide presentation was used during a recent WordPress Interactive Training. During this presentation we explore some great SEO strategies and ‘SEO Fundamentals’ to achieve best search engine results for your WordPress website.

Optimizing Images for the Internet and Image Manipulation Tools

Which Image Type Should You Use On Your Website? Different Formats There are four primary formats to choose from when optimizing images for the internet. Each format stores and compresses image information differently. These four main formats include PNG-8, PNG-24, GIF, and JPEG. Below we will discuss the different formats and what images they work […]

Great free WordPress Q & A and Support

Great free WordPress Q&A and support geared for developers…ask your WordPress questions here. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/wordpress http://wordpress.org

WiseStamp Email Signature within Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail

Enhance Your Email Signature :: Add Social Services :: Use Multiple Signatures :: Insert Html Free WiseStamp is a free browser extension that adds a nice signature to the bottom of your email when using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail. You can use the built-in editor to create and format your email, or you can [...]

Send And Receive Email Based On Your Domain Name Using Gmail

Setting up Gmail to Send and Receive email based on your domain name using Gmail. This article describes how to set up Gmail to send and receive from email addresses based on your domain name. This is the simplest way to get your email that is based on your website’s domain into Gmail, and to […]

Site Monitoring

Free monitoring by Mon.itor.Us. Please enable JavaScript to see the report!

Tool: Is Your Website Working?

Check to see if your website/blog is working: IsMyBlogWorking