BackupBuddy – Backup, Restore, Migrate WordPress

BackupBuddy 3-in-1 Backup, Restore, Migrate WordPress Websites.

Backup sites, restore sites, migrate sites from single site to sub-site within existing multisite install or from multisite to single site. Nothing on the market beats this WordPress plugin for backup/restore/migrate functionality within WordPress.


We’ve found BackupBuddy to be one of those ‘must have’ plugins. It has saved us many many hours by providing simple WordPress website migration from one server to another, and provides flawless backups/restores including all theme files, theme configurations, plugins, plugin configurations, all posts/pages, comments, images, and the entire WordPress installation and WordPress database…all in one zip file that can easily be restored if things go wrong.

Backup WordPress Easily - BackupBuddy 3-in-1 Backup, Restore, Migrate WordPress Websites

BackupBuddy Features

  • Multisite support. Our latest update now includes full Beta support for all your Multisite backup, restore and migration needs. Announcement and Details!
  • Added support for Rackspace Cloud Storage for remote backups. More choices.
  • Manage remote Amazon S3, FTP, & Rackspace Cloud backups within BackupBuddy.
  • Define remote destinations on a per schedule basis.
  • Background manual backups. Start the backup, close the page and it continues.
  • Quick backup after creating or editing a post or page. Helps you to remember to backup.
  • Improved status feedback (simple & advanced) to make things easy to use and to troubleshoot.
  • New server information tools: compatibility checking, file permissions, database size and site size maps to help quickly find where your space is being used, and a cron viewer to view delete or run scheduled operations in WordPress.
  • Malware Scanner included free from security pros, Sucuri.
  • Streamlined flow and usability makes BackupBuddy easier to use than ever. And new pop-up video tutorials explain features if you get stuck.
  • Overall improved performance and compatibility.
  • More robust archive integrity verification.
  • And more than 50 additional features and enhancements!
  • FTP off-site backups
  • Send backups via e-mail
  • Schedule backups & transfers
  • Directory exclusion
  • Full backup & database only options
  • Compatibility features for picky servers
  • Back up non-WordPress tables (optional)
  • Backup file integrity checking
  • E-mail notifications
  • Limit number of local backups
  • Built-in help system
  • Automatic upgrades

Backup WordPress Easily BackupBuddy (part of the PluginBuddy Developer Suite)

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