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Gravity Forms Introduction

Gravity Forms Easy to use drag-and-drop fields, email auto-responders with email routing, conditional logic (check \’this\’ box and \’that\’ field is displayed), post creation, and PayPal, make Gravity Forms by far the best web form on the market today! (We have the Unlimited Developer License.)

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Premium Related Gravity Forms Addon Plugins Also Included:

Gravity Forms Commercial Plugin

We exclusively use the Gravity Forms Commercial Plugin for all sites we build. Gravity Forms Commercial Plugin is hands down the best contact form solution available anywhere.

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

We proudly use the Gravity Forms Premium Contact Form…trust us, it\’s the best contact form on the market!

It\’s dead-simple to configure, and has lots of great features like drag-and-drop fields, \’conditional logic\’, \’email routing\’, \’PayPal integration\’, and more.

We Build and Configure Your Web Form

Contact Form Auto-Responder

»We\’ll do the heavy lifting for you…we\’ll add and configure a Premium Contact Form on your site (usually on your Contact page), and we\’ll even configure the Auto-Responder and any necessary Email Routing.

Totally Flexible and Secure

You can add as many different fully customizable web forms as you want, to any pages you want.

Our web forms even have built-in anti-spam (\’captcha\’).

That\’s a nice touch 🙂

Drag-and-drop Fields

Drag-and-drop fields make for easy form editing and lots of control.

Built-in Spam Protection

Built-in spam protection with a ‘captcha’ to ensure humans are filling out and submitting your web forms.

We\’ll configure an Auto-Responder

When someone submits your web form you\’ll receive an email with their info, and an Auto-Responder will send a customizable email to the \’submitter\’ of your web form with the information you want to say…something like:

“Thank you for filling out our web form. Someone will get back to you soon.”

Sample of email received from web form Auto-Responder

Sample of email received from web form Auto-Responder.

Select configuration of Gravity Form\’s built-in Auto-Responder, or select integration with your external Auto-Responder service of choice for adding form submitters to your assigned external email list and to optionally send a reply email using your selected Auto-Responder.

  • Gravity Form\’s built-in Auto-Responder
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact

We\’ll Configure Conditional Logic

Display additional fields or content based on user selection. Example: User selects \’eBook\’ from your \’Interests\’ choices and instructions on how to download your eBook now appears.

User Registrations

Form submitters can be added as users to your website with a default User Role assigned to them (such as \’Subscriber\’). This is a great way to build up a membership website or to add people to your online community.

Paypal Integration

We build the Paypal button for you configured within your form for collecting payment for Products, Services, Donations, or even recurring Subscriptions. This is a great solution if you don\’t need a full web store, but just have a few simple products to sell.

Content Creation

Form data fields can be targeted for creation of new website content such as Pages, Posts, or Custom Post Types using fields like Title, Body, Author, etc. This is a great way to get user participation for creating web content without giving User\’s access to the WordPress Dashboard. Posts are held for moderation before publishing.

We\’ll Configure Email Routing

Route form submissions to various email addresses based on user selections. Example: Paypal button was submitted so a custom email is generated to your accountant and to your CFO.

Premium Contact Form Auto-Responder

We can even configure your web form with \’Email Routing\’ so that the form submission goes to different people within your organization based on the items selected by the user.

We\’ll Format Your Form to Fit Your Sidebar

We\’ll create your form specifically formatted to fit into your website\’s sidebar as a Sidebar Form, useful for quick newsletter signup, special offers, etc. A Sidebar Form is usually in addition to your main Contact form.

Commercial Premium WordPress Plugins Included FREE

Over $2,500+ worth of Commercial WordPress Plugins available FREE plus ongoing updates provided with all of our Managed WordPress Services!

We offer dozens of Commercial/Premium WordPress Plugins available and included FREE with all Managed WordPress Plans including Gravity Forms, BackupBuddy, WooCommerce Extensions, SlideDeck2, Genesis Extender, Premise Landing Pages, and WooSlider, just to name a few, with more constantly being added!

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