T(-) Countdown Control


The T(-) Countdown WordPress plugin (from twinpictures) will display a styled, flash-free countdown timer in the sidebar using widget or placed in a post or page using a shortcode. Perfect for informing one’s website visitors of an upcoming event, such as a pending space voyage. T(-) Countdown is highly customizable using Jedi Mind-tricks and CSS… but mostly CSS.


  • Multiple instance of sidebar widgets
  • HTML content areas located above and below the countdown
  • Shortcode for placing countdown in a page or post
  • Launch Event HTML that can display content above, below or replace the entire countdown


T(-) Countdown Control is a next-level countdown management and scheduling plugin for WordPress. This plugin includes all the features of the jQuery T(-) Countdown plugin, with the added ability to schedule multiple recurring countdowns.

Also, this plugin really ties the room together, man.

Activating the plugin will create a new T-Countdown post type, located near the bottom of the dashboard menu. All aspects of the T-Countdown event are created, managed and scheduled using the T-Countdown admin area. The display options of the countdown, such as countdown style, unique titles for days, minutes, hours, etc are handled either in the sidebar widget or defined using shortcode attributes.

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