WooCommerce For BuddyPress

Easily Integrate WooCommerce and BuddyPress

Customer relationship at its finest

Empower your customers to become more involved and interact with other users, products and the companies behind, or even contribute in product development. Push your online shop, customer binding and products to a new level.


What the plugin does

The plugin “WooCommerce for BuddyPress” integrates your WooCommerce data with your BuddyPress social network. The shop data is integrated in the profile pages, like cart, checkout, etc.

The combination of WooCommerce and BuddyPress opens the doors to new customer interaction. For example product support forums, ticket system, reviewing with comments. There are a lot of tools and possibilities when you use WooCommerce and BuddyPress together.

Member data

Edit your shipping and billing address directly in your member profile and find all personal information in one place.


Find your cart in your member profile.

Purchase history

Find your payment history and acces your downloads from your member profile.

History Single View

View of a single purchase in member profile

Track your order

Track your order easy in your profile, with your order ID.
This is given to the customer in the confirmation email you they have received.

Activity Stream

All reviews written by customers are posted to the activity stream.
All purchases the customers have made are posted to the activity stream.

Posting using an extra activity_type for reviews and purchase status updates (like: “[Member A] has just wrote a [review] on [Example Product]“, where words in square brackets are links to appropriate places).

Members can choose if they want their reviews and purchase activities to be shown in the activity stream or not.


It synchronizes all WooCommerce data with your BuddyPress data.
If you register a new account via the checkout or add data like your billing address etc. the plugin will handle all the communication between WooCommerce and BuddyPress and keep the data synchronized.

Fallback save

If you turn off BuddyPress for some reason, or the user don’t want to become a member the plugin fall back to the regular WooCommerce pages.

Easy to use

No configuration needed. Just activate. That’s it!

From the fine people at ThemeKraft.

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