Have an existing Google Analytics account?

If you have an existing Google Analytics account, please add SiteSubscribe as a “User” to your Google Analytics account to ensure that we have a view of how well your site analytics are doing. That way we can be sure your visitors are being tracked properly, and it also allows us to know if we need to help you make any necessary adjustments to your website if there is a noticable drop off in visitors.

Add our Google Account email address to the “User Manager” area under your Google Analytics account (using the email address within this image).



Add New User To Google Analytics

Add New User To Google Analytics Using The Email Address Shown Within This Image



Here’s how to add a User or Admin to your Google Analytics:


  • Go to your Google Analytics account.
  • Click on your website address in the Accounts column.
  • Click on the “User Manager” link towards the bottom center of the screen.
  • Enter a Google Account email address for the User you want to add. Please contact us to get our correct Google Account email address to use so that you can add us as a User to your Google Analytics account (we don’t want to publish it here or we’d get a ton of spam emails).
  • Add our Google Account email address to the “User Manager” area under your Google Analytics account.
  • Assign capability rights as either ‘View Reports‘ or ‘Administrator‘ option (we suggest Administrator role for us so we can give you the most help and support).
  • If you need more info, read this article from Google: How do I grant other users access to my Analytics reports?. The article has an instructional video on how to grant access to your Google Analytics reports for a new User.


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