New: We’ll be posting all Maintenance Notifications here…

As part of our Managed WordPress Hosting service we provide HOSTING+MAINTENANCE+SUPPORT.

Just FYI regarding MAINTENANCE, we’ll be posting all Maintenance Notifications related to Plugin, Theme, and WordPress Core here:

That way if you ever want know specifically what is being updated/maintained under our Managed WordPress Hosting you can view the details.

Also, as you probably know, plugins don’t always play nice together, or they may work well together until a plugin update…so if you ever have a problem with your website after a maintenance update this gives us a place we can review the maintenance update history to see if the problem may possibly be related to a recent update.

As always, with the SUPPORT aspect of our Managed WordPress Hosting we’re there to promptly help fix any issues that may arrise as soon as we become aware of any problem.

Plugin and Theme updates will not affect every website. The only websites affected by any updates are those that have the related Plugins or Themes ‘Activated’ on their site.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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