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Do I Really Need Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance?

Do I Really Need Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance? Yes! And here are the reasons why.

What is Responsive Design / Adaptive Websites?

Responsive Design (Adaptive Design, Progressive Enhancement) is a relatively new web design technique targeting various screen sizes, browsers, & devices to make them more user friendly.

Meta Data Character Limits – What are the character limits when adding meta data to a web page?

What are the Meta Data Character Limits to adding meta data to a web page? Is there value in using Keyword meta tags?

Deactivate WP Smush.it When Not In Use

WP Smush.it  (link to plugin developer) is a good plugin used to compress WordPress images (known as ‘image optimization’) that helps your website pages to load faster. Unfortunately, when left activated WP Smush.it slows down your site…so it has the opposite effect it is meant to achieve! And WP-Smush.it, a Yahoo service behind the scenes that […]

WordPress SEO Site Optimization Strategies & Techniques

Optimize your WordPress website with SEO.

This PowerPoint slide presentation was used during a recent WordPress Interactive Training. During this presentation we explore some great SEO strategies and ‘SEO Fundamentals’ to achieve best search engine results for your WordPress website.

Latest Shopp WordPress Ecommerce Plugin Upgrade

The long awaited version 1.2 upgrade to the Shopp ecommerce plugin for WordPress by Ingenesis Limited was released today. We love Shopp and use it on many customer sites. We also recommend Shopp to folks on a regular basis even if we aren’t involved in building or hosting their website because we believe it is […]

New commercial plugin included FREE: Special Recent Posts PRO

Special Recent Posts PRO Commercial Value: $30 (included FREE!) – Special Recent Posts PRO is a very powerful plugin/widget for WordPress which displays your recent posts with thumbnails. It’s the perfect solution for online magazines or simple blogs and it comes with more than 60+ customization options available. You can dynamically re-size thumbnails to any […]

Premise Landing Pages WordPress Plugin by CopyBlogger/StudioPress

Premise is a great plugin for WordPress that takes all the hassle out of building effective landing pages that get results. And it does it all in conjunction with the Genesis Theme Framework from StudioPress, right from inside WordPress.

PluginBuddy Developer Suite of Premium Plugins Now Included FREE

We just included the entire PluginBuddy Developer Suite of Premium Plugins within every Website Package: BackupBuddy for website backups EmailBuddy Plugin for Email Newsletters DisplayBuddy (Slideshow, Video Showcase, Carousel, Featured Posts, Rotating Text, Billboard, Rotating Images, Copious Comments) VidEmbed Thumbsup Mobile   EmailBuddy from WebDesign.com on Vimeo.   VidEmbed Preview from WebDesign.com on Vimeo.

Tutorial: Logging Into Your WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Tutorial Logging Into Your WordPress Dashboard To Update Your Website Content This video gives a 5 minute introductory walk-through for new users to get started managing their website by learning how log into the WordPress Dashboard. (This video does not cover additional functionality such as how to add or edit pages or posts.) This […]

Our service listing “Affordable Small Business Websites” is ranked #1 among writers in Denver.

Writers, Denver  

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting an Online Store

Of course, SiteSubscribe can help guide you through the maze of ecommerce by helping select which plugins are best to use for your ecommerce store, helping build and configure your site and your ecommerce configuration, etc., but here’s another great resource article from GetShopped.org, the folks who make the renowned WP-eCommerce plugin for WordPress: There […]

Optimizing Images for the Internet and Image Manipulation Tools

Which Image Type Should You Use On Your Website? Different Formats There are four primary formats to choose from when optimizing images for the internet. Each format stores and compresses image information differently. These four main formats include PNG-8, PNG-24, GIF, and JPEG. Below we will discuss the different formats and what images they work […]

Warning: Golden Business Profe…

Warning: Golden Business Professionals About the “Business Strategy and Networking in Colorado” & “I Take The Lead” http://ow.ly/3ETQo

http://wordpresstutorials.tv nice WordPress Tutorials

http://wordpresstutorials.tv nice WordPress Tutorials mostly in video (WordPress Themes | WordPress Plugins | How To Blog | Video Tutorials)

Create a soft fade vignette in Photoshop

A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photo effect where the photo (or background of a layered image) gradually fades into the background, usually in an oval shape. By using Photoshop’s layer masks you can create this effect flexibly and non-destructively…in about 2 minutes! Creating a soft fade vignette in Photoshop Open a photo/image, […]

Feature Support by WordPress Shopping Cart and Membership Plugins

Running an Ecommerce Store or a Subscription Membership Website There are a lot of ways to ‘skin a cat’. If you need an ecommerce store or a subscription membership website there are a lot of ways to do it using WordPress and WordPress plugins. Each WordPress plugin supports a certain limited feature set for supporting […]

SiteSubscribe interviewed on WebmasterRadio.fm

Simple Tools for Small Business Websites Jeff Kemp, Founder/Key Exec of SiteSubscribe was interviewed this week on Webmaster Radio by Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff, the LinkedIn Rockstars. During this interiew we discussed WordPress and how you can integrate your blog posts with LinkedIn. Listen to MP3: Jeff Kemp, Founder/Key Exec of SiteSubscribe interviewed on […]

Great free WordPress Q & A and Support

Great free WordPress Q&A and support geared for developers…ask your WordPress questions here. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/wordpress http://wordpress.org

Use Amazon’s S3 CDN for faster page loads and lots of online storage

Experiencing Slow Page Loads? Need faster page loads for your website because your web pages are loading too slowly?? Have lots of images, large video files, and lots of other files that you need to store online? Need to remove large files off your hard disk to make some space on your computer? Need to […]