The Best Way to Send Us Your Files: Dropbox

Dropbox file collaboration

In order to facilitate collecting content from our customers in an efficient manner we use a shared ‘collaboration folder’ from a service called “Dropbox.

Shortly after you sign up with us we’ll be sending you an email with a link that you’ll need to click to activate your online collaboration “Dropbox” folder.

Basically you click on a link within the ‘Dropbox invitation’ email that installs a ‘shared Dropbox folder’ onto your desktop and within your ‘My Documents‘ folder (if you’re a Mac user the Dropbox folder will be located within your Documents folder). Windows users will also get a shortcut to Dropbox placed on their desktop.

Once Dropbox is installed, you can place images, documents, links, PDF downloads, and other things that you may want to share with us for use on your website into the ‘Dropbox’ folder or within a subfolder within the Dropbox…i.e. images go in the ‘images‘ subfolder, and text content for your web pages goes in the ‘content’ subfolder.

Dropbox file collaboration

Your Dropbox folder will look something like this:

  • My Documents
  • >Dropbox
  • >>Your Company Name (folder named after you or your company)
  • >>>images
  • >>>page content (text & links)
  • >>>PDF downloads

Things you put there are immediately available to us (likewise anything we put there is instantly available to you).

We’ve found this to be the best way to gather content from our customers and to maintain content in a central location.

Keep in mind that customers must have copyright permissions for any customer provided content.

Please provide content into the Dropbox folder as soon as possible so we can build your website.

If you don’t want to use Dropbox you can still send us files using email.

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