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There's a huge need for low cost, hands-on, very practical, ``this is what I need to learn, show me how to do it...teach me how to fish`` type of WordPress Training. So we offer interactive WordPress Training based on your website, your skill level, and what you need to learn.

Interactive & Personalized Training for WordPress by an Expert…

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WordPress Interactive Training – Meetup Group

Interactive Training on WordPress, marketing, social media and other technologies.

Each session is interactive, allowing questions from participants throughout the training, and showing actual live examples of how to do what you need.

We tend to focus on WordPress, but not exclusively. We also provide Social Media & Marketing tips and Small Business Operations ‘best practices’ advice along the way!

Everybody loves WordPress! No matter what level of WordPress user you are, everyone needs to learn more about how to use WordPress pluginsthemes, and techniques to enhance their website or blog and to improve their business!

Take our training survey so you can tell us what topics you’re most interested in learning through the WordPress Interactive Training meetup group.

Training Topic Survey

Let us know what topics you'd like to learn about most.
  • Let us know which training topics are of most interest to you.
    Not InterestedNeutralInterestedStrongly Interested
    Installing WordPress
    Installing & Activating Plugins
    Setting Up WordPress (proper site architecture)
    Monetization & Advertising
    Calls To Action
    Themes & Theme Frameworks
    How to make Content Changes
    Recommended Plugins
    Page Layout
    Plugin & Widget Configuration
    Social Media Integration
    Image & Content Sliders
    Style & Layout
    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Backing Up Your WordPress Website
    WordPress Security
    Troubleshooting & Fixing Problems
    Migrating WordPress To Another Web Host
    Custom Post Types
    Image & Video Galleries
    Users & User Roles
    WordPress Multisite
    Membership Sites
    WordPress for Mobile & iPad
    Website Optimization (page load speed)
    WordPress Hosting & Cpanel
    Upgrading WordPress Core & Plugins
  • You can suggest topic(s) that aren't in the list using this comment box (we may add them to the list later). Either way we'll take them into consideration. If you need really specific training or if you can't wait until your training topic rolls around (could be many months or never), then we suggest our Personalized WordPress Training.
  • How much should we charge for training?

    Keep in mind it takes 1 to 1 1/2 hour training time, plus about 3-4 hours of behind the scenes administration:

    • creating the event web page
    • announcing via email and social media
    • collecting payment
    • answering email questions
    • arranging the web conference

    ...and probably more than that. And we may only get 3 to 6 people participate. If it doesn't make sense we may not continue, so be fair.

  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
  • Please rate your level of WordPress know-how.
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About WordPress Interactive Training



Just like our name says, the purpose of this group is to provide valuable WordPress Training in an interactive setting to anyone already using WordPress or interested in learning more about WordPress.

Interactive WordPress Training will be provided by a WordPress Expert, usually via web conference, and sometimes in a face-to-face group setting(We’re still looking for a good venue for face-to-face meetups…please suggest your ideas).

We’ll make sure that each session is interactive, allowing questions from participants throughout the training, and showing actual live examples of how to do what you need.

There are plenty of videos, books, and websites geared towards WordPress already available, but from our experience what most people need is hands-on interaction with WordPress while being showed how to do something specific to their needs.

Whatever format we use we will always have an open forum where you can ask questionsand get answers to specific issues that will instantly help you with your WordPress website and your business.

What you will learn:

  • WordPress Tips & Techniques
  • WordPress Platform & Dashboard (customization and best related plugins)
  • WordPress Plugins (best free and commercial/premium plugins to use)
  • WordPress Themes (best free and commercial/premium themes to use & theme customization)
  • Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Post Formats (and best related plugins)
  • Page Templates & Page Layouts (and theming)
  • Media Management: Images (optimizing, uploading, editing, replacing) , Video, Links(and best related plugins)
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization (and best related plugins)
  • Social Media Integration & Cross-Syndication (and best related plugins)
  • Ecommerce (and best related plugins)
  • Featured Content Sliders (and best related plugins)
  • Users & User Roles (and best related plugins)
  • CSS Cascading Style Sheets (and best related plugins)
  • WordPress Multisite (and best related plugins)
  • Membership Sites (and best related plugins)
  • Image Galleries (and best related plugins)
  • Gravity Forms Configuration (conditional fields, auto-responders, email routing, and addon plugins)
  • WordPress for Mobile & iPad (and best related plugins)
  • Using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management Sytstem)
  • Migrating Your Site (to another server or web host)
  • Responsive/Adaptive Design
  • Website Optimization
  • Advertising (and best related plugins)
  • Converting a WordPress.com Blog to a WordPress.org Website/Blog
  • BuddyPress
  • Marketing Techniques
  • WordPress Hosting (best web host providers & what to watch out for)
  • Upgrades/Upgrading WordPress Core & Plugins
  • Troubleshooting Problems

And more! Suggest a topic you are interested in using the form on this page.



This is a national group, not specific to any region. This group is for:

  • WordPress Users from Beginning to Advanced.
  • Website Designers using WordPress.
  • Those wanting to learn more about WordPress.
  • Those wanting to know the best plugins to use for this or that.
  • Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals using WordPress.
  • Serious Bloggers.
  • Those considering moving over to WordPress from another CMS or blogging system.

The Interactive WordPress Training meetup group is mainly for WordPress users…teaching WordPress to business owners, website managers, and serious bloggers who want to go deeper.

Although it would probably be helpful for beginning level developers, it’s not meant to be a web developer training (I don’t expect to get into developing themes, plugins, APIs and such). This group is less about custom coding and WordPress ‘hacks’, and more about what you can do with WordPress with off-the-shelf plugins and themes.

We will teach on how to configure and customize themes and configure plugins, and which ones are best to use based on your needs and requirements (the best plugins to use for the particular topic at hand will be covered extensively in almost every training)We focus on off-the-shelf plugins and themes so you don’t need to be a programmer!

There will definitely be good WP tips and tricks, and marketing and social media tips!

This group will really grow and take off, and we have even gone national…we have folks from several states, so get in early!



This is a national group not limited to a specific geographical region since most of our meetups will be virtual. Please check our meetups for locations and times.

Most of our meetups will be ‘ virtual ‘, held via web conference so that it is more convenient and so that more people (up to 26 per session) can attend, and without geographic limitations.

NOTE: All event times are Denver MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) or MST (Mountain Savings Time).

For the occasional face-to-face meetups we’ll wait to pick a venue that will work well once we see how many people we need to support (most likely it will be either downtown Denver, or the West or Southwest areas of Denver). We will probably need a venue that will support about 20-30 people.



Some of our meetings/trainings will be free, some of our meetings/trainings will involve asmall cost ($3 to $24) to cover our time and resources for preparing, presenting, and sharing our valuable WordPress Expertise.

We don’t charge a Membership Dues, so you are free to join and get in on the discussion, and then only RSVP for the training topics that interest you.



  • You can post questions or issues you are having on the Discussions page of the meetup group, someone within the group may be willing to offer some advice.

Co-organizers & Guest Trainers Wanted!

If you are an Advanced or Expert WordPress user (or Marketing/Social Media) and want to get more involved in this group by planning or presenting, or partnering in any other way, we welcome your participation!

When we have Guest Speakers/Trainers the group Organizer plays the role of the Host & Moderator by doing the intros, asking questions along the way, and interjecting some advice…all to keep it interactive. It works great for all involved.

You get to give a 3 minute commercial about your company and services while showing your website during the web conference, and give out your contact info for follow-up. You’ll get some great referral business from this.

You’ll also earn a small commission on the training. We typically charge a small fee on most of our trainings, anywhere from $3 to $24. As a Guest Trainer you earn 25% of the final funds of whatever we collect, and you’ll be paid via Paypal within 3 days after the training. It won’t be much, but something.

WordPress Interactive Training on Meetup.com



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Thanks, and I hope to see you in an upcoming training soon!

~Jeff Kemp


WordPress Video Tutorials

A good place to start learning about WordPress, either before or after we do some training with you, is by watching WordPress Tutorial Videos.

Learn all the basics for managing your WordPress website content with this FREE 1 hour WordPress Training Video.

This recording is from an actual customer training of WordPress we held live via web conference.

Everything you need to know to manage your own WordPress website from beginning to end once your site is set up (WordPress & theme already installed).

What you will learn from this Beginning WordPress Tutorial: login, create pages, upload images, post to your blog, edit content, edit widget areas, add links, and much more.

Training topics from this video

*** SiteSubscribe Training Outline (from this video) ***

  • Logging in to the WordPress Dashboard:
    • drag and drop dashboard widgets
  • Pages:
    • add page
    • slug/permalink
    • page editor
      • Visual Editor, HTML view
      • upload image
      • edit image
      • insert link
    • page template
    • featured image
    • Author
    • page meta
    • screen options
    • preview changes
    • publish, draft
    • view
  • SEO
  • Posts:
    • categories vs. tags
  • Menus
  • Links:
    • link categories
  • Images
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Users
  • Forms

If you benefitted from this video please ‘like’ this page and maybe also the YouTube page: http://youtu.be/YiBRcKQnbf4

Once you’ve watched the training video, why not call us to schedule a one-on-one WordPress Training so you can do more with WordPress?

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More Training Videos

Our WordPress Tutorial Videos contain video trainings that we have selected that will demonstrate how you can make updates to your own website content.

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Learning WordPress

Once your site is up and running its important to keep your content fresh by adding blog posts, updating page content as needed with new information, and creating and posting other content such as ebooks, videos, etc.

The beauty of building your website on WordPress is that you always have the option to make updates to your own website content yourself if you want to! You just need to learn how to use WordPress…

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